Controls for FUMES - MGW

Controls for FUMES

Controls for FUMES

Below are the key and button setups you’ll need to know for playing FUMES. Keep this handy for quick reference!!



Keyboard/Mouse Controls

  • Throttle Up: W or Up Arrow


  • Throttle Down: S or Down Arrow


  • Brake: S or Down Arrow


  • Hand Brake Engage: Space


  • Steer Right: D or Right Arrow


  • Steer Left: A or Left Arrow


  • Nitro: Left Shift


  • Clutch: [Not specified]


  • Gear Shift Up: E


  • Gear Shift Down: Q


  • Engine Ignition: I


  • Lamps Toggle: L


  • Horn: H


  • Weapon:


Trigger A: Left Mouse Button


Trigger B: Right Mouse Button


Trigger C: Left Control


Trigger D: Left ALT


  • Camera:


Freelook Vertical: Mouse Vertical


Freelook Horizontal: Mouse Horizontal


Camera Toggle: C


  • Zoom: Mouse Wheel



Xbox Gamepad Controls


  • Throttle Up: Left Trigger


  • Brake Press: Left Shoulder


  • Hand Brake Engage: A


  • Steer Left: Left Stick X (to the left)


  • Steer Right: Left Stick X (to the right)


  • Nitro: B


  • Gear Shift Up: D-Pad Up


  • Gear Shift Down: D-Pad Down



Car Operations:

  • Engine Ignition: Guide


  • Lamps Toggle: Start


  • Horn: D-Pad Left




  • Trigger A: Right Trigger


  • Trigger B: Right Shoulder


  • Trigger C: X


  • Trigger D: Y




  • Freelook Vertical: Right Stick Y


  • Freelook Horizontal: Right Stick X


  • Camera Toggle: D-Pad Right


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