Bannerlord Online – How to Use Barter & Make an Exchange

How to Use Barter & Make an Exchange

Barter allows you to transfer various items, troops, and denars between players.

To use barter, you need to approach the player with whom you plan to trade and hold down the F key to display the action menu.​


In the menu, you must select the option with an exchange offer, which also contains the nickname of the player to whom the invitation will be sent.​



To accept the invitation, another player must similarly send an offer to the player with whom he is going to make an exchange.​


Remember that the duration of the invitation is 20 seconds.​


A barter window will open.​


After selecting items for exchange, remember to wait for a while until the exchange button is available.​



Once the offer is changed by one of the players, the agreement is canceled.​


To make an exchange, the agreement of both parties is required.​


It is also necessary to remember that to carry out the exchange, it is important to have free space for the acquired items/troops.


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