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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Bannerlord Online

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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Bannerlord Online

Hello! Welcome to the Bannerlord Online Tutorial for new players!


This tutorial will try its best to explain the concepts of the game and its functions! Without further ado, let us begin!



First Steps:

You have just arrived in Zeonica, and you have talked to Godric, the man who employed you previously. Godric tasks you to go to a nearby village and earn 500 Denars from farming. Be careful on your way there, as you have no weapons yet and could easily die. Once you have arrived at the village, hold the Left Alt button on your keyboard to find the Village Headman. Speak to the Headman and ask to work in the fields.


2 64


Now for the farming explanation:

First, you need to till the soil, grab a hoe, and press F on a field to till the soil.




After you have tilled some soil, you then have to water the soil!


Go back to the tool shed, grab a water jug, and then go to the river nearby to fill it with water. Then water each tilled soil with one use of the water jug. Each refill of the water jug has six uses before it needs more water.





Next, you need to plant a seed in the now watered soil; You can find the seed packs in a cart between the two fields.



22 40


After that, you now have to water each plot that you originally till 1- 3 times before you can harvest; remember to wait until it says it needs watering; otherwise, you will waste the use of the water jug.


99 5


Finally! After you have watered it a few times, it will turn yellow, which means it is ripe enough to be harvested by a sickle. You can harvest about four times before you need to dump your harvest into the shed where the tools are.


55 7




Side note: you also get paid money if someone harvests your crop, So make some friends and try to make money altogether!


Please note: The crop does not pay you but instead pays by action!


For example: Watering any crop brings you 30 Denars peruse, and a water jug has six uses when full, so that is 180 Denars per complete use of a water jug.


After you have earned 500 Denars, return to Zeonica and enter the Tavern to speak to Godric. He will congratulate you and give you 1500 denars on top of what you made from farming. With this money, he wants you to head into town and find a trader, who you will then buy a weapon, a Tier 2 helmet, and a Tier 3 Chest Piece from.


Return to Godric once you have completed these tasks, where he will then ask you to go around the town and recruit some AI into your party. Each Recruit costs 80 Denars to join, so be sure to have some extra cash available!


After you have recruited enough AI, he will ask you to meet him at a nearby Bandit hideout, where you will talk to him first and join him in battle! Be sure to loot the stuff from the battle, as that gives you very good head and chest armor that you should use while the game is in its current state.


Return to Zeonica and meet Godric in the Tavern, where he will then give you 2000 Denars, and that will be the completion of the tutorial!




You can recruit from different cultures if you visit their cities.


You cannot currently sell loot from battles.


You can type “/o” to speak in global chat; if you type that in again, you will disable speaking in global chat.



Mod Concepts:

This mod has many good concepts, which are as follows:


The world is constantly in motion. The time of the game is fixed at a specific interval and will continue to run even if you enter into a battle.


Whenever a battle is started, other players on the world map have 20 seconds to come running to the battle to assist you.


Cargo is a new concept where the player puts down a deposit, and if they deliver on time, they will get their deposit back plus the reward. Example:” Cargo for Pravend: 560/100,” so that is a deposit of 560 Denars, with a reward of 100, add those two together, and you receive that for delivering the cargo to the trader in the town you are tasked to go to.


You also heal faster while in settlements and can even heal while walking around towns and Villages!


The mod is currently Early Access, but it will be updated with new items and mechanics in the future.



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