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Bannerlord Online – Where to Find Warehouses

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In some cities of Calradia, you can now meet a warehouse master who will allow you to rent storage for items.​ You can find him in the cities: Zeonica, Qasira, Chaikand, Omor, Lageta, Pravend, Saneopa. Players can rent a warehouse for 30 days (720 game days).​


By renting a warehouse in one of the cities, you will automatically get access to other warehouses, which allows you to avoid paying rent in each of the cities.​ Items placed in the warehouse of one of the cities are not available in other cities.​


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If the current capacity of your warehouse isn’t enough for you, it can be extended by using special items: Warehouse expansion coupon,​ Warehouse expansion agreement, and Individual contract for the warehouse improvement.​


Expansion, as well as rent, is applied to all warehouses. It also sets the duration of the warehouse rent for 30 days.​



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