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Stats & Skills Guide – We Who Are About To Die

We Who Are About To Die - Stats & Skills Guide

Each skill in the game is increased mainly by performing the actions related to that skill and secondarily through training. The rate at which you gain skill can be increased through training. You may also get a skill or stat bonus in rank up rewards.



Base Stats

• Health: Player Max Health may only be increased through rank up rewards. Other Aspirants always have 100 HP. (75 HP on Commoner mode)


• Stamina: determines how fast you fight and move and how rigid your movement is. Your Max Stamina may go up to 250, and increases every time you exert yourself.


• Stamina Regeneration: Stamina Regeneration is a % multiplier of how fast your stamina bar fills up. By default, it is 100%. Stamina skill and each piece of equipment affects Stamina Regeneration.



Weapon Type Skills

  • Your weapon type skill represents how fast you can attack with said weapon type. Improve these skills by succesfully blocking or attacking or through rank up rewards.


  • Every time your weapon skill increases, there is a small chance all weapon skills increase.



Other Skills

• Shield: Shield skill increases each time you successfully block with a shield. Shield skill affects knockback during blocking, lowers shield damage from shield bashing and affects your speed while blocking.


• Throwing: Any throw, successful or not, increases your throwing skill. Higher throwing skills slowly assists throws more and more toward your cursor or your target, and launches your weapon faster forward.


• Movement Speed: Increases while sprinting and dashing. Movement speed skill affects your speed while walking and sprinting.


• Dashing: Increased by dashing. Higher dashing skill corresponds to faster and farther dashes.


Damage System in We Who Are About To Die


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