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Match Brackets – We Who Are About To Die

Match Brackets - We Who Are About To Die

Match brackets are categories of match types such as 1v1, XvX, Xv1, and so on. Each bracket has its own bracket level that progresses as you win fights in that bracket


. • A bracket’s level determines its reward, the arena, and the level of the Aspirants.


• You can specialize in a bracket to gain more rewards faster, but they get harder quickly.


• Every rank up, all brackets of a lower equivalent level will increase to match your rank.


• Each match may have up to 3 battle traits that affect the fight.


• Some brackets are harder than others. They are not balanced, but they reward appropriately.


• Tactically navigate the brackets and use risk assessment.



Bracket Info

• 1v1: One-on-one duel that pays out 120% gold and 120% fame.


• 1vX: You versus many lower-leveled enemies, that pays out 160% gold and 200% fame.


• Xv1: You compete with several allies against one, higher-level enemy. Pays out between 50-80% gold and 20-50% fame depending on the amount of allies.


• XvX: Two equally sized teams compete. Pays out 100% gold and 60% fame.


• Pitfights: Up to 8 equally sized teams compete. Pays out 150% gold and 80% fame.


• Random: Randomly chooses one of the above. Pays out based on the match type.


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