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Damage System in We Who Are About To Die

Damage System in We Who Are About To Die

Damage Calculation

• Weapon damage calculation starts with base damage.


Weapon speed, heavily influences the damage you deal. (50-150%)


Quick attacks that were not pulled back fully may deal up to 50% less damage.


Weapon damage types may positively or negatively affect your final damage.


• Any armor you hit subtracts their defense % from the final damage.


• Most weapons have blunt/nonoptimal areas such as the pommel which only deal 20% of the damage.




• By default Aspirants have only 100 HP making them very fragile when unarmored.


• Armor is the main way for Aspirants to negate damage.


• Each piece of armor only defends whatever slot it covers so buy accordingly.


• Each armor piece has a defense up to 100 (percent damage reduction).


• An armor’s defense represents how much % damage this armor will resist when it is hit.


• Any damage a piece of armor resists is subtracted from its durability or ‘HP’.


• Damage types may change how damage is affected by armor.



Damage Types

• Slashing: +25% bonus damage vs unarmored parts. Chance to dismember.


• Cleaving: +50% bonus damage vs shields Extra chance to dismember.


• Piercing: 35% of damage ignores armor.


• Blunt: 25% of damage ignores armor. Extra knockback.



Weapon Classes

• There are three weapon classes: light, normal and heavy.


• Classes influence overall knockback: 50% (light),100%(normal) and 200%(heavy) knockback, respectively.


• Weapon classes help determine what happens when a weapon hits another weapon in mid-air, or when one is blocking the other.


• When a light weapon blocks a heavy weapon, the blocker is stunned.


• When two weapons hit in mid-air, whomever wields the lighter class is stunned.


• Weapon classes clashing determines the chance of disarming.


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