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Fame System – We Who Are About To Die

We Who Are About To Die - Fame System

The Fame reward of each match is hugely affected by your performance in the arena and equipment. After every match, a Fame Multiplier is calculated based on your Audience Favor and your total equipment fame multiplier.


In short, putting on a show and wearing equipment the audience will love may drastically increase the fame you earn.




• The Audience Favor gauge in the bottom right indicates the affection of the populace.


• During each fight your audience fame multiplier can go from 0x to 2x by default.


• By default, the Audience Favor will tend toward 0 (neutral)


• Killing opponents, dealing damage, remaining generally active and putting on a show will boost Audience Favor.


• The Audience loves it when you throw and do throwing damage, and when you switch weapons frequently.


• The audience gets bored when you overuse a weapon, have no enemy facing you directly, or idle too long.




• Your total fame multiplier for each match is your Audience Fame Multiplier (0-2) plus the sum of all your equipment fame multipliers.


• Many weapons have a negative fame multiplier, keep a good eye on this.


• Some weapons are particularly fancy or special, and have a positive fame multiplier.


. • Heavy armor and shields are generally not received well and have a negative fame multiplier.


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