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Valheim – List of Resources – Where to Find Materials

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Where to Find Materials

The page contains information on the different resources and materials you can find in Valheim.


Item nameBiomeHow to get

Ancient seed – Blackforest – Dropped by Greydwarf Brute and Shaman. You can find it on chests.


Blueberries – Black forest – Get it from bushes.


Coal – Get it from Charcoal kiln or burning food in the cooking station.


Copper – Black forest – Mining it from copper nodes.


Dandelion – Meadows – Collect if from the ground.


Feather – Meadows and Black forest. – Killing birds or from chests.


Flint – Meadows – Collect if from the ground near rivers or sea.


Greydwarf Eye – Meadows, Black forest, Swamp. – Killing Greydwarfs.


Hard Antler – Meadows – Killing Eikthyr boss.


Hide – Meadows and black forest. – Killing deers.


Mushroom – Meadows or black forest. – Collect if from the ground.


Raw meat – Meadows or black forest. – Killing deers or boars.


Resin – Meadows, Black forest, Swamp. – Killing Greydwarfs


Stone – All. – Collect if from the ground, mining stone rocks or drop from Greydwarfs


Tin – Black forest. – Mining it from tin nodes.


Troll hide – Black forest. – Killing Trolls.


Wood – Meadows, Black forest, Swamp – Chopping trees.



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