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The Quest – How to Complete Matras Infection Quest

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How to Complete Matras Infection Quest

This optional side-quest can be started in the village of Matras (the first town).


  • You need to find the mayor; he is inside the house west of the Inn.


  • Once the quest has been accepted, talk to the Innkeeper and the Alchemist. They will tell you about the cemetery and the gas.


  • After you talk to them, a ladder will appear in a hole in the cemetery; go there, you will fight bats and skeletons.


  • Inside the hole, to the north of the cave system, you will find the gas, and the character will remark that you need to do “something” to cave in the passage.


  • To collapse the passage, make sure you are one square behind the square with the gas and attack it with a weapon or use magic with fire. (Like burning hands)


  • Return to the mayor, and he will ask you to wait for a day, do something else, or spend 24 hours in the Inn.


You can complete the smuggling quest inside the crypt by pushing a button near the tomb on the east side of the caves and finding the smuggling storeroom.


In the caves, there is also a skull you will need for an Orc Shaman’s quest.


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