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The Elder Scrolls Online – Smithing

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There are three types of smiths: Woodworkers, Blacksmiths, and Clothiers. Smiths create armor and weapons from raw materials. The materials used determine a crafted item’s level. You can use style components to craft items in racial styles and add traits that you’ve researched to them.


To learn new traits, you must research an item with the trait you wish to learn. This deconstructs the item and takes an increasing amount of time based on how many traits you’ve already learned for that kind of item. Research progresses even if your character is not online. You can access research at the appropriate crafting station (in the upper-right of the crafting menu).


Smiths can also deconstruct items to obtain raw materials, style and trait components, and tempers, tannins, or resins. Tempers, tannins, and resins can be used to improve the quality of an item. The higher the quality of the item, the more of these “boosters” you’ll need to ensure successful upgrading. Boosters can be traded to other players.


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