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Starpoint Gemini 3 – Missiles

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Moving on to missiles, the heavy weapons of the game. Much like light weapons, missiles come in several different types. It is important to know what type is intended for what purpose. Otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of missiles and money.



Guided missiles are your standard lock-on-follow-the-target kind of missile. Even if the missile doesn’t slam directly into the target’s hull, you can bet it will cause at least some damage, since the missile will detonate in the proximity of the target. The closer it is, the more damage it will do. And not only to its primary target, but to other hostiles in its blast radius as well. Guided missiles do however, have the smallest blast radius of all missiles. Their intended purpose is to hunt down hostile fighters.



Dumbfire missiles are NOT guided! They will not follow their target around. Dumbfires simply go forward. You might wonder then well… why should I ever use them?. Well, dumbfire missiles are generally reloaded much faster than any other missile type. They have formidable damage and larger blast radius than guided missiles. This just means dumbfires are perfect for bombarding large slow-moving or stationary targets. Capital ships and structures come to mind right away.



Torpedoes are the heaviest of heavies. They reload slowly, they fly slowly, but when these babies detonate, you’ll notice it. Torpedoes have by far the greatest damage and blast radius. As a rule, using a torpedo on anything moving faster than a snail is not a bright idea. Sure, it might work, but it generally won’t. If you’re looking for a cap-ship killer… torpedoes are it.


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