People Playground PC Controls - MGW

People Playground PC Controls

People Playground PC Controls

The default control scheme for People Playground for PC is:



Keyboard Controls

How to change grip/ropes:

1 – Cursor.


2 – Wire.


3 – Rigid Cable.


4 – Conductive wire.


5 – Cable.


6 – Spring.


7 – Pin.



Basic functions

F – Shooting / Attach a weapon to a hand (When the cursor is hovering over a weapon / holding a weapon)



Space – Stop time

G – Deceleration time (The degree of deceleration is adjustable in the settings)


A / D – Twirl the object (When you hold it with the cursor)


Q / E – Create the selected item (Q – Left, E – Right)


Z – Removes the last crafted item


S – Shows the health status of the character (etc.)


BACKSPACE – Delete the item (Which you are holding the cursor)


TAB – Hide / Show interface


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