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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – How to Perform the Rite

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How to Perform the Rite

1. Select “Rite of Channeling” on the Rite of Channeling menu. A list of your Monsties will appear on the screen. First, choose a Monstie that you would like to receive (inherit) a gene.


2. Next, select a Monstie that you would like to give (channel) a gene.


Note: Please keep in mind that once a Monstie passes a gene on to another Monstie, the channeling Monstie will disappear.


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3. Select the gene that you would like to pass on. Then choose a slot in the inheriting Monstie where they will receive the gene. On the right side of the screen, you can see a “Post-Channeling” table.


This table shows the amount of Bingo Bonuses that the inheriting Monstie will have after you perform the Rite of Channeling with the current gene in the selected slot. If you are satisfied with the projected outcome, press A and the Rite of Channeling will begin.


Note: You cannot select locked slots to inherit a gene. If you select a slot where a gene is already present, but the gene’s type differs from the new one’s type, the new gene will overwrite the previous one and it will disappear. You can skip the Rite of Channeling animation by pressing and holding View Button during the animation.


4. This concludes the Rite of Channeling. By receiving genes, the inheriting Monstie can learn new skills and upgrade current ones.


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