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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – Genes Guide

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Each gene indicates an individual power that a Monstie possesses. They all have their own skill type, attack type, and elemental affiliation, which all factor into a Monstie’s overall powers.



Gene Types

Genes are separated into the two following types:


  • Genes that each Monstie is guaranteed to have


  • Genes that many different Monsties can have



Special Genes

There are special rainbow-colored genes. These are known as Free Bingo Genes. These genes can form a bingo with any other type of gene. Each Monstie can only possess one Free Bingo Gene.



Upgrading Genes

By upgrading genes, their effects will increase. You can upgrade genes when they meet the following conditions:


  • The gene has the same effect


  • The gene has the same size


For example:

Upgradeable: Iron Wall Gene (S) and Iron Wall Gene (S)


Not Upgradeable: Iron Wall Gene (S) and Iron Wall Gene (M)


You can upgrade a gene up to two times. Strengthen your Monsties by upgrading their genes and improve your chances in battle.



How to Upgrade Genes

1. Select “Rite of Channeling” from the Rite of Channeling menu. A list of your Monsties will appear on the screen. First, choose a Monstie with a gene that you would like to upgrade.


2. Next, select a Monstie that you would like to give (channel) a gene.


Note: Please keep in mind that once a Monstie passes a gene onto another Monstie, it will disappear forever.


3. Place the gene that you want to channel on top of the gene you would like to upgrade. If it is possible to upgrade the gene, the words Upgrade successful! will appear in the bottom right of the screen. Confirm that all the details are correct and then press A to complete the gene transfer.


Note: If it looks like you are unable to upgrade a gene, make sure that the effects and sizes of the genes are matching.


The “Upgrade successful!” message will not appear if the gene is already fully upgraded.


4. The upgrading process is complete. Make sure to view the details about the new effects of your upgraded gene’s skills.



Gene Slots

Monsties have a maximum of nine gene slots. You can fill slots via the Rite of Channeling, thus strengthening your Monstie.


1. Locked slots

These slots are locked, which means that you cannot transfer genes to them. You can unlock them by using certain items.


2. Filled slots

These slots are currently filled with genes. You can overwrite these genes with other ones via the Rite of Channeling.


31 8


3. Empty slots

These slots are empty, which means that you are able to transfer genes to them.


4. Level when slot is unlocked

These slots will unlock when you reach the level written on the slot.



Bingo Bonuses

When you align three genes in a row—either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally—you will get a Bingo Bonus.


You will get a Bingo Bonus when each of the three genes has the same color (element) or pattern (attack type).



Checking Bingo Bonus Details

You can check the effects of Bingo Bonuses using the following methods:


  • Performing the Rite of Channeling (Bingo Bonus information will appear on the right side of the screen)


  • Opening the “Gene Info” screen for a specific Monstie and pressing Y to access the selected Monstie’s Bingo List



Bingo Bonus Examples

Elemental Bingo

You will get an elemental bingo by aligning three genes with the same element. This will raise the corresponding element’s attack power.


Attack Type Bingo

You will get an attack type bingo by aligning three genes with the same attack type. This will raise the corresponding attack type’s power.


Ritual Items

Select “Use Ritual Items” on the Rite of Channeling menu. Here you will be able to use ritual items known as Stimulants.



Stimulants are items that you can use to unlock gene slots, allowing you to transfer genes into them.


By unlocking gene slots, you can transfer more genes and increase your chances of obtaining a bingo bonus.



Applying Stimulants

1. Select “Rite of Channeling” on the main Stables menu. From here, choose “Use Ritual Items.”


2. Choose a Monstie, and then a gene slot that you would like to unlock.


3. Select one of your Stimulants. The type of Stimulant you can use to unlock gene slots depends on the Monstie’s genus.


Once you have used the Stimulant to unlock a slot, the process is completed.


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