Man of the House - Ashley Date Guide - MGW

Man of the House – Ashley Date Guide

Man of the House - Ashley Date Guide

Here you can find a solution for the Date with Ashley. All possible Variations are included.




Before you can successfully complete a date, there are a few things to do.


1. You need $50 in your wallet


2. You need a teddy bear in your backpack (buy it at the Store)


3. You need the right mood – 😎 !



The Date

You have to read exactly what Ashley wants from you!


Heart 1:

if she looks Nervous – Hug


if she looks Hot – kiss Lips


if she looks Happy – Kiss cheek



Heart 2: Have the right mood 😎



Heart 3: The right Present – Teddybear



Heart 4:

if she wants a Fun Movie – Meet the Sisters


if she wants a Movie she’s Like – The Notepad


if she wants an exiting Movie – The crawling Dead



Heart 5: (the food)

Cold and Sweet – Chocolate Ice Cream


Hot and Salty – Hot Dog


Sweet and Crunchy – Popcorn


Salty and Crunchy – Nachos



Heart 6: (the drinks)

Cold and Sweet – Coke


Plain and Simple – Water


Surprise me – Wine


Warm and sweet – Hot Chocolate



Heart 7:

What do you think of the Movie – It’s OK, I guess … I just like looking at you more…


Let me guess, you don’t like the Movie either – Nah, I think it ́s pretty boring


This Movie is great don’t you think so – Oh I do I think it ́s great



Heart 8: Kiss her



Heart 9 + 10: Touch her Leg and looks if she’s wearing Underwear


Congratulations you finished the Date, enjoy!


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