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Man of the House – Claire Date Guide

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Before you can successfully complete a date, there are a few things to do.



1. you need a Suit


– if you haven´t played Veronica´s Date, then start the Date, and after that, the Suit will be unlocked at Mall


– buy him at Clothing Store ($650)


– if you already played Veronica´s Date, then you already have the Suit.



2. you need $100 in your wallet



3. you need Chocolate in your backpack (buy it at the Store)



4. you need the right mood 😎



The Date

You have to read exactly what Claire wants from you!


Heart 1:


is it too much – You look very Stylish


how do I look – You look so hot


do I look …ok – You look beautiful



Heart 2: The right Present – Chocolate



Heart 3: The right Mood – 😎



Heart 4 -6: is a Painting Quiz!



Johannes Vermeer – The Girl with the Pearl Earring


Sandro Bottecelli – Birth of Venus


Michelangelo – The Creation of Adam


Leonardo da Vinci – The Mona Lisa


Salvador Dali – The persistence of Memory


Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night


Rembrandt van Rijn – The Night Watch


Edvard Munch – The Scream



Heart 7: Take Claire to a Quiet Spot



Heart 8 +9:

!! You have to read exactly what Claire wants to have on your hot dog and remember it !!



Heart 10: Lick it off

Congratulations, you finished the Date, enjoy!


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