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Man of the House – Veronica Date Guide

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Here you can find a solution for the Date with Veronica. All possible Variations are included.



Before you can successfully complete a date, there are a few things to do.


1. Make sure you have the Casino unlocked!

– to unlock it use the public travel option



2. You need a Suit for the Date!

– start the Date for Veronica for the first Time and the option will be unlocked at the Mall

– now you can buy the Suit at the Clothing Store ( $650 )



3. You need Flowers in your backpack! (found at the Store)



4. To start the Date you need $200 in your wallet!



5. And you should be in the right mood ( 😎 )




The Date

You have to read exactly what Veronica wants from you!


Heart 1: Start the Date with the right Mood – 😎



Heart 2:

if she blushes – tell her she looks beautiful

if she looks at you seductively – tell her she look very sexy

if she comes out smiling – tell her she looks amazing



Heart 3: the Gift – Flowers

(side note: if you are at the table: look at Veronica instant not at Girl at the other table)



Heart 4:

if she says she knows what to Order – let her Order first

if she says she’s not sure – Order first to give her time to decide

if she doesn ́t know what to Order – Order for both



Heart 5: Drop the Fork – Look under the table



Heart 6: pay the bill – it ́s my treat

(Outside of the Restaurant choose The Night is still young to continue the Date)



Heart 7:

creamy, not light – Mudslide

creamy, not strong – Irish Coffee

tropical, not strong – Pina Colada

tropical, not light – Daiquiri



Heart 8 + 9:

Jacks – Split

5 & 6 – Double down

6 & 4 – Hit



Heart 10: Touch her Leg at the Casino


Congratulations you finished the Date, enjoy!


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