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Madden NFL 21 – How to QB Slide

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How to QB Slide

When your QB crosses the line of scrimmage, he’ll become a runner. You’ll typically be holding the boost button (R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox) when you cross the line, but if you hit the Dive button (Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox) while holding boost, you’ll dive, not slide.


When not boosting, tap the Dive button to begin a QB slide.


The QB will slow down, tuck the ball, and slide feet first. When the animation frame starts, you should be safe! Fumbles and injuries seem to be extremely unlikely once this starts. The whistle will blow and the play will stop. Don’t be afraid to slide! It’s better to protect your quarterback and the ball than get an extra yard or two unless you’re trying to convert on 4th down.


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