Haunt Chaser - Beginner's Guide, FAQ - MGW

Haunt Chaser – Beginner’s Guide, FAQ

Haunt Chaser - Beginner's Guide, FAQ

FAQ: Questions You Might Have

Are Chaser Spells shared or individual?

Chaser spells are shared, but there are plenty around the map. Make sure to check drawers often & use your parabolic mic outside – you might find treasure chests with more spells. You can keep track of how many spells you have left; just look at your character’s wrist where it’s written in Roman numerals like I, II, III, IV.



Are photos saved anywhere?

Nope, they aren’t saved.



How do I refresh my Proton Light (Banish)?

Your Proton Light gets refreshed when you complete a quest. But remember, it’s just for you, not the whole team.



How do heartbeats work?

If you step on a trap, say a bottle or can, it makes noise & the entity hears a heartbeat. Also, if a chaser messes up a puzzle, it triggers a heartbeat too.



Is there a map?

Yeah, it’s right next to the Van.



Can’t see games in the lobby – how do I find them?

Check the region selection below. Set it to ALL & you’ll see every lobby created worldwide (it’s set to ALL by default btw).



How do I talk from purgatory?

You can’t actually speak; press enter to open text chat & type. Look out for an envelope icon with the number of messages, it pops up on the screen, bottom right side.



As an entity (killer), how do I know which quests they’re doing or completed?

This part’s tricky but fun. You need to pay attention to the environment. Say a chaser triggers a jumpscare or completes a quest, the environment changes. For example, in the kitchen, if the fridge door is open or they mess with the cross in the church, you’ll see bodybags and candles appear – it means they’re working on or completed that quest.



What are those big-eyed totems?

Those are teleport locations for entities. You can’t break them, but feel free to lay traps around them.



Are revives individual?

Nope, revives are shared & you can’t refresh them.



In purgatory, can I watch more than one player in the mirror?

Yes, you can switch players by pressing your use button (default is “E”) on the arrow icon.



Any clues for puzzles?

Mostly, yes. For example, in the bell puzzle, follow footsteps visible with a mystic stone; they lead you to the solution. Same for the cross puzzle in the church. But remember, sometimes you might need a different tool.



Doll pieces – do I have to put them all together?

No, just collect them. You can track how many you’ve collected – check the doll icon, bottom left corner. Then head to any altar, press your use button (default is “E”), and wait.



How many quests for a win as a chaser(s)?

Depends on the lobby setup. If it’s 1 ritual, do 4 quests. If it’s 2 rituals, complete 8 quests. After that, the final quest is taking & destroying entities’ hearts.



How do I win as entities?

Send all the Chasers to purgatory.



As an entity, can I move objects?

Nope, not for now at least. But you can use light switches in houses & operate elevators.



As a chaser, can I open wardrobe doors & hide? Can the entity do it too?

Yes, for sure. The entity can hide in there for a surprise too.



What’s the difference between PvE and PvP?

In PvE, up to 4 players face an AI, and you can play solo. In PvP, up to 4 Chaser players and 1 Entity player face off – no AI involved.



Difference between AI difficulties?

The AI gets smarter, angrier & faster.



Why can’t I use spells in vs. AI mode? Is it a bug?

No, the developers just removed spells in vs. AI mode.


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