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Haunt Chaser – Beginner’s Guide, FAQ

Haunt Chaser - Beginner's Guide, FAQ

FAQ: Questions You Might Have

  • Are Chaser Spells shared or individual for all?

Shared, but you can find lots of them around the map, check drawers more often. Also, use your parabolic mic while you are outside; you can find treasure chests for them. Also, you can see how many spells you all left on your character’s wrist; it’s written in roman numerals, like I, II, III, IV.



  • Are photos saved anywhere?

No, they are not.



  • How to refresh Proton Light (Banish)?

If a player completes a quest, his/her Proton will be refreshed. Remember not for the whole team; it’s individual.



  • Heartbeats, how do they work?

If a player steps on a trap, like a bottle or can, it will make a sound, and the entity will see and hear a heartbeat. Also, if a chaser makes a mistake on a puzzle, a heartbeat will trigger.



  • Is there a map?

Yes, it’s next to the Van.



  • In the lobby, I can’t see any games. How do I find them?

There is a region selection below; set it to ALL then you can see every lobby created around the world (Its default is ALL btw)



  • How do I speak from purgatory?

You can’t; you have to press enter to open text chat and type it. If there are any messages, an envelop icon will appear with a number of messages on the screen at the right bottom side.



  • As an entity (killer), how do I know which quests they are doing or completed?

This is a bit hard, but the fun part. Actually, it requires environmental knowledge. Like, if a chaser triggers a jumpscare event or completes a quest, the environment will change. Let me expand it a bit, for example, the kitchen. If the refrigerator door stays open or they listen to the cross in the church, the bodybags and candles will appear. That means they completed or doing that quest.



  • What are those big-eyed totems?

Those are the teleport locations of entities, no you can’t break them, but you can put traps next to them.



  • Are revives individual?

Nope, they are shared, and no, you can’t refresh them.



  • In purgatory, am I able to watch more than one player in the mirror?

Yes, you can; you can switch if you push your use button (Default is “E”) on the arrow icon.



  • Puzzles, are there any clues for them?

Yes, there are, mostly. For example, in the bell puzzle, you have to follow footsteps which can be seen with mystic stone; those steps will take you to the solution. Look carefully. The same goes for a cross puzzle in the church. But remember, not always mystic stone it can require another tool.



  • Doll pieces, do I have to put them all together?

No, all you need to collect them; you can track how many you have already collected on the left bottom corner doll icon. And then go to any altar and put it (press your use button default is “E”) and wait for it.



  • How many quests do I have to complete for a win as a chaser(s)?

If the lobby is created with 1 ritual, you have to do 4 quests. If it’s 2 rituals, then you have to complete 8 quests. When all the quests are completed, now you can do the final quest, which is taking and destroying entities’ hearts.



  • How do I win as entities?

Sending all the Chasers into purgatory.



  • As an entity, am I able to move objects?

Nope, at least not for now for sure. But you can use light switches in a house (if there is) or use an elevator.



  • As a chaser, I’m able to open wardrobe doors and hide in them, is the entity open wardrobes too?

Yes, of course. He can hide in there and make a surprise too.



  • What is the difference between PvE and PvP?

In PvE, there can only max of 4 players against an AI on different difficulties. Also, PvE can be played solo. In PvP, there can max of 4 Chaser players and a max of 1 Entity player; there is no AI.



  • What is the difference between AI difficulties?

It gets smarter, angrier, oh, and also faster.



  • Why can’t I use my spells on vs. AI mode? Is it a bug?

No, developers just removed the spells on vs. AI.


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