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Haunt Chaser PC Keyboard Controls & How to Play

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What is Haunt Chaser

Haunt Chaser is a 4v1 horror game where one player controls a paranormal entity, and others are the chasers. Chasers are trying to collect toys, reveal the entity’s heart, and destroy it on the final alter. They need to use their tools to solve puzzles, complete quests, and banish the entity. Meanwhile, the entity is trying to stop them from doing it with supernatural abilities and send all of them into purgatory.



PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings

In this guide, you will find the complete list of controls and shortcuts for Haunt Chaser. Please note that you can also change these controls to your desired keys.


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  • E – Interact Objects


  • Left Shift – Sprint


  • Left Ctrl – Crouch


  • TAB – Side Menu


  • Left Mouse Button – Tool Interaction


  • V – Voice Chat


  • 1 – Camera / Speed


  • 2 – EMF / Teleport


  • 3 – Ward / Invisibility


  • 4 – Sigil


  • 5 – Mystic Stone


  • 6 – Parabolic Microphone


  • Q – Pie Menu


  • Space Bar – Ping


  • Middle Mouse Button – Proton Light / Haunting Voice


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