Firefighting Simulator – The Squad – How can I use a Ladder Truck?


How can I use a Ladder Truck?

You can use the ladder truck to reach tall buildings and are even able to quench fires from high above with the integrated nozzle. An extensive hands-on tutorial is included in the game, but here is also a short version for you:


  • You start the operation by extracting the outriggers of your firetruck. They are located at the sides of your vehicle.


  • Next, you have to enter the basket in the middle of the vehicle by interacting with it. 


  • What follows next, is moving the arm of the ladder truck. The key bindings can be found above under the entry “Ladder Truck Operator”. In short (mouse & keyboard): You can use “W” and “S” to move the arm up and down, “A” and “D” to move the arm of the ladder truck left and right, and “R” and “F” to expand and retract it. All important inputs for you are listed in the lower left corner on your screen while you are in the basket. 


  • To control the basket arm separately you have to hold “Shift” while using the inputs mentioned above. 


  • If you want to extinguish a fire from within the basket, you only have to press “C” to change the mode to nozzle control. To move the arm again, press “C” one more time. 


To leave the basket, you must have positioned it close to the ground and then press “E” as soon as you see it displayed on the screen.


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