Firefighting Simulator – The Squad – How can I start a Multiplayer session?


How can I start a Multiplayer session?

You can start a Multiplayer session as a host or you can decide to join a session as a client.


Host: If you want to start a Multiplayer session as a host, please select the mission you want to play in Multiplayer mode. Now click in the Mission Start Screen in the upper left corner on the mode setting, which you can find directly next to the selected truck. A new window will open. Choose now “Multiplayer” or “Steam Invite only”.


If you have chosen “Multiplayer” just wait until other players will join. If you have chosen “Steam Invite only” instead, please invite your friends via Steam and wait until you see all of them in the Mission Start Screen.


Client: If you want to join a Multiplayer session you have two options:

1.: You want to play a certain mission in Multiplayer? Click on the ICM on the corresponding mission. Now click on “Join” in the lower right corner. If a Multiplayer session for this mission is open, you will be connected.


2.: If you just want to play a Multiplayer session and it doesn’t matter for you which mission will be selected, open the Session Explorer by clicking on the “World” Icon on the ICM in the upper left corner. Here you can find several open Multiplayer sessions. Select one and start your Multiplayer experience.


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