Firefighting Simulator – The Squad – How can I establish hoses / How can I secure water supply?


How can I establish hoses / How can I secure water supply?

The establishing hoses is an important part of the game that needs to be done in most missions, since water will be your most important tool. This job can be done by you or by one of your AI companions. An extensive hands-on tutorial on establishing hoses is included in the game, but here is also a short version for you:


  • First, you have to open the compartment labeled “hoses inside” and equip one of the yellow supply hoses.


  • Remove the cap of the supply connection to the truck and connect the supply hose to it.


  • Hold tight to the other end of the supply hose, move to the hydrant and connect the supply line to it, after removing the cap there, too.


  • Now, go back to the compartment and supply an attack line and connect it to the supply connection next to the supply line.


  • To finish establishing the attack line find a nozzle at the back of your firetruck (the compartment says “nozzles inside”) and connect it to the attack hose. – Et voilà, you are good to go! 


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