Firefighting Simulator – The Squad – How Can I Quench Fires?


How Can I Quench Fires?

First, you have to pick up the hose in order to extinguish a fire. While holding the hose, press left click continuously and aim at the fire. It is best to start at the bottom and work your way up. Segment the parts you want to quench and strategically quench them one by one. This way the fire does not reignite spots you have previously quenched thus being more efficient.



I have quenched a fire but it is ignited again and again. Why?

The fire spreads dynamically. So if you have quenched a point and do not quench everything else around it in time, something can go up in flames that was previously extinguished.


In addition, the sparks from lamps can start another fire if the electrical system has not been cut off beforehand. Other types of fire can also encourage re-ignition.


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