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FIFA 22 – How to Perform the A-OK (Dele Alli’s) Celebration

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How to Perform the A-OK Dele Alli’s Celebration

To help reduce ‘toxic behaviors,’ EA has removed two FIFA goal celebrations. The celebrations of ‘Ronaldo Shush’ and ‘Dele Alli A-Ok’ are over. Players have complained about the rage-inducing goal celebration in the past, suggesting the move encourages bullying. Because of that, EA removed those goal celebrations.


As a result, players won’t be able to perform this goal celebration in FIFA 22, but plenty of other options are still available. We go over each of the seven new ways to humiliate your opponents in FIFA 22 and show you how to do it. This page contains a comprehensive list of all available goal celebrations in FIFA 22.


FIFA 22: How to Perform All Old & New Celebrations


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