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FIFA 22 – How to Develop Youth Players

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When considering the signing of a young player, it’s beneficial to assess their general playing positions, height, weak foot, and skill move rating in your Youth Academy. To access the Youth Academy, navigate to the ‘Office’ tab, hover over ‘Youth Staff’, and move the right stick left or right. To view your youth players’ Development Plans, promote them to the senior squad, or release them from the team, click the provided link. To recruit additional youth players, go to ‘Youth Staff’ and hire a scout.


Allowing young players to start cup games against weaker opponents will improve their match sharpness and experience. Their morale is boosted by a good performance or a team victory. This results in a green uptick symbol appearing in the squad hub, indicating their increased receptiveness to the regular training regimens assigned to them.


The training schedules in FIFA 22 are far more flexible than they were in previous editions. Virtual managers can now assign rest and training days to a group of players and choose which drills they will participate in. This makes identifying a player’s weaknesses and setting goals to improve them much easier and more accurate.


The best way to improve a young player’s form is to give them game time, even if it means substituting them in the 80th minute. Another way to speed up youth development is to select the best plan for each player.


You will receive updates about your academy players’ progress via email every month. Be aware that the players’ potential OVR may climb or fall, and the longer they stay in the academy, the more apparent their potential becomes. However, it’s important not to neglect them for an extended period. Youth players, particularly older ones, can become frustrated if they remain in the academy for an extended period. You must promote them, or you risk losing them as they may terminate their contracts.


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