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Disco Elysium – Tips on Earning XP

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Tips for New Players

  • You earn varying amounts of XP from speaking with NPCs in the game and completing tasks. You will not run into problems if you play the game normally (and follow the tips on skill point allocation).


  • There are three Thoughts in the game that allow you to gain more XP:


Jamais Vu (Derealization): +1 XP per orb clicked (To Acquire: Speak to Lena in Whirling-in-Rags about understanding your reality. Then speak to Joyce (Rich Lady), at the boat, north-west from Whirling-in-Rags.)


Actual Arts Degree: Passive Conceptualization checks give +10 XP (To Acquire: Talk about art with the people in Revachol. Once enough art-related dialogue options have been selected, the Thought will become available – which you should then opt-in.)


Wompty-Dompty Dom Center: Passive Encyclopedia checks give +10 XP and +2 Real (To Acquire: Gain access to the coast on Day 3 by closing the gates near the waterway. Speak to the man and his son by the Feld Mural. The Mural is near the Boardwalk, west from the Fishing Village.)


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