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25 Pro Tips for Final Fantasy 16 You Should Know

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Final Fantasy 16, the fresh chapter in the storied franchise, welcomes you to a universe rich with enigmatic creatures, expansive worlds, and a robust combat interface. The game’s depth might seem awe-inspiring and a bit daunting at first. But don’t worry! We’re here to guide you. Armed with these 25 essential tips, you’ll navigate the complexities of Final Fantasy 16 like a pro. Let’s get started!


  • Side Quests: In Final Fantasy 16, it’s not necessary to continuously fight random enemies. Instead, actively seek out and complete side quests as they appear. These will provide you with an ample amount of experience points to grow stronger and handle main story events.


  • Understand Enemy Patterns: Spend time watching and learning enemy movements and attack patterns. With time, you’ll become proficient in predicting their actions, enabling you to respond more effectively.


  • Master Precision Dodge: Precision Dodge is an invaluable skill in combat. Use it regularly to evade enemy attacks. Practice this skill to improve timing and maneuverability in battles.


  • Phoenix Shift to Close Distance: Phoenix Shift, while looking like a dodge, serves a different purpose. This move is designed to close the gap between you and your enemies. Use it when enemies move out of your range, thus maintaining constant pressure.


  • Garuda’s Gouge Ability: Once unlocked, use Garuda’s Gouge ability to rip through enemy shields swiftly. This can significantly turn the tide of a battle, enabling you to deal damage more directly and faster.


  • Photo Mode: Explore this feature for a unique experience. This mode allows you to take interesting and creative snapshots of your gameplay, which can be shared with your friends or on social media.


  • Pose in Photo Mode: Play with different poses for your character in Photo Mode. Having Clive charge his sword, for instance, can create dynamic and dramatic shots.


  • Using Accessories: Accessories like the ‘Ring of Timely Focus’ provide you with additional abilities, such as slowing down time before an attack. These can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness and survival.


  • Equip Rings for Advantage: Rings like the ‘Ring of Timely Evasion’ and ‘Ring of Timely Strikes’ can be game-changing. The former allows Clive to automatically dodge enemy attacks, while the latter lets him perform powerful combos at the press of a button.


  • Ring of Timely Healing: Always having to monitor your health can be distracting. The Ring of Timely Healing automatically uses potions when you’re damaged, letting you focus more on combat.


  • Focus on Enemy Shields: Enemies with a yellow bar have shields. It’s vital to prioritize breaking these shields before dealing any significant damage. This will make your subsequent attacks more effective.


  • Use Limit Break Post Shield Break: After breaking an enemy’s shield, use your limit break ability. It’s more effective to deal increased damage to an already vulnerable enemy than to waste it on breaking the shield.


  • Grind When Required: While not always necessary, grinding can be beneficial when struggling with certain boss fights or challenging areas. Leveling up can make a significant difference.


  • Experiment with Combos: Diversify your combat style by experimenting with different combos. Every enemy reacts differently, so exploring various combinations can help you find the most effective tactics.


  • Capitalize on Successful Dodges: After a successful dodge, don’t miss the opportunity to strike back. Use the Phoenix Shift to quickly close the gap on your enemies and launch a counter-attack.


  • Know Your Enemies’ Weaknesses: Different enemy types have specific weaknesses. The more you understand these weaknesses the better equipped you’ll be to exploit them & gain the upper hand in battles.


  • Save Limit Break for Vulnerable Moments: Resist the temptation to use your limit break early. Save it for when your enemy’s shield is down and they’re staggered. This ensures that you deal maximum damage when the enemy is most vulnerable.


  • Regularly Practice Combat Skills: Regular practice is key to mastering combat. Even when not progressing the story, spend time honing your skills and experimenting with different techniques.


  • Use the Environment: Be aware of your surroundings during combat. The environment can be used to your advantage in many ways, such as taking cover, finding strategic vantage points, or using environmental hazards against enemies.


  • Experiment with Photo Mode Settings: Photo Mode is more than just snapshots. Play around with the settings to create truly epic shots. Blur the depth of field, manipulate lighting, or remove the UI for cleaner images.


  • Stay Up to Date on Game Mechanics: The game frequently introduces new mechanics as you progress. Make sure to understand them thoroughly as they can significantly change your approach to both combat and exploration.


  • Properly Time Your Attacks: A well-timed attack can make a significant difference in a battle. Try to attack just as the enemy finishes an attack to catch them off-guard.


  • Explore: Exploration is a big part of the Final Fantasy series. It’s always worth checking out every nook and cranny as you might find valuable items, hidden quests, or uncover interesting lore.


  • Plan Ahead: Always have a plan before entering combat. Assess your enemies and your surroundings, choose the right accessories and abilities, and decide on the best strategy.


  • Play at Your Own Pace: Everyone has a unique play style. Whether you prefer to rush through the main story or to thoroughly explore the world, it’s important to play the game at your own pace and enjoy it the way you want.


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