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Controls for Palworld

Controls for Palworld

Check out this quick guide for all the PC keyboard and Xbox controller commands for Palworld. It’s pretty simple, not a ton of keys or buttons to remember. Just keep this around for a fast refresher whenever you need it:



All PC Settings



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Move Forward: Just tap “W” to head straight ahead.


  • Move Backward: Press “S” to back up or retreat.


  • Step Left: Hit “A” to sidestep or move left.


  • Step Right: Use “D” to sidestep or move right.


  • Jump: Leap over obstacles or gaps with the Spacebar.


  • Summon Pal or Ride Skill 2: Press “E” to call your Pal into action or use a secondary riding skill.


  • Throw Pal Sphere: Tap “Q” to throw your Pal Sphere and get your Pal into play.


  • Partner Skill: Use “F” to activate your partner’s special skill.


  • Crouch, Slide, or Ride Skill 3: Press “C” to duck, slide under obstacles, or use a third riding skill.


  • Reload: Hit “R” to reload your weapon or gear.


  • Roll: Quickly dodge or roll out of the way using Ctrl.


  • Sprint: Hold Shift to break into a sprint and move faster.


  • Change Pal to Left: Press “1” to switch to your left-hand Pal.


  • Change Pal to Right: Press “3” to switch to your right-hand Pal.


  • Change Sphere: Tap “2” to switch spheres.


  • Pal Commands: Press “4” to issue commands to your Pal.



Xbox Controller Commands

  • Jump: Tap “A” to jump


  • Crouch, Slide, or Ride Skill 3: Press “B” to crouch, slide, or use the third riding skill


  • Reload or Partner Skill: Use “X” for reloading or activating your partner’s skill


  • Change Weapon: Press “Y” to switch weapons


  • Change Pal: Use the D-pad left or right to switch Pals


  • Change Sphere: Press down on the D-pad to change spheres


  • Summon Pal or Ride Skill 2: Tap “LB” to summon your Pal or use a secondary riding skill


  • Aim: Hold “LT” to aim


  • Throw Pal Sphere: Press “RB” to throw your Pal Sphere


  • Attack or Riding Skill 1: Use “RT” for attacks or the first riding skill


  • Pal Commands: Move the right stick to issue commands to your Pal


  • Sprint: Press the left stick to sprint


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