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Controls for Cult of the Lamb

Controls for Cult of the Lamb

This article lists the default controls used for Cult of the Lamb on the PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 & 5.



PlayStation, Xbox & Nintendo Switch Controls



Xbox One & Series XIS

Nintendo Switch

Move Left Analog Stick Left Analog Stick Left Analog Stick
Advance Dialogue X A B
Attack Square X Y
Dodge Roll Circle B A
Use Curse Triangle Y X
Interact X A B
Meditate Triangle Y X
Return to Cult L2 LT ZL
Track Quest L3 Click In Left Stick Click In Left Stick
Pause Options Button Start + Button
View Menu Touch Pad Back / View Button – Button



PC Controls

  • Attack – K / Left Mouse Button



  • Advance Dialogue – E / Left Mouse Button


  • Movement – W, A, S, D


  • Interact – E


  • Accept – E


  • Cancel – Q


  • Cook – C


  • Dodge Roll – Space


  • Release Curse – L / Right Mouse Button


  • Meditate – L


  • Return to Cult – Q


  • Track Quest – T


  • Pause – ESC


  • View Menu – Tab


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