Controls for Half Sword - MGW

Controls for Half Sword

Controls for Half Sword

Below is a list of the default keyboard controls and key bindings for Half Sword on PC:



Default Key Bindings

Controls for Half Sword


  • Move: WASD


  • Run: Shift


  • Crouch: Ctrl


  • Switch View: V


  • Right Hand Swing: LMB


  • Right Hand Grab: E


  • Left Hand Swing: RMB


  • Left Hand Grab: Q


  • Thrust: RMB x2


  • Thrust Mode: Alt


  • Sheathe Right: Hold E


  • Sheathe Left: Hold Q


  • Swap Hands: X


  • Inventory: R


  • Lock on Target: F


  • Give Up: G


  • Photo Mode: C


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