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Half-Life: Alyx – VR Controller not working – Issue Fix

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VR Controller not working – Issue Fix

If you are experiencing issues with the Controller, please see the topics below for troubleshooting suggestions:



General PC Troubleshooting

Please ensure that you have optimized your PC Settings for SteamVR by completing the following steps:


  • Set your PC’s power plan to “High performance” (Press the Windows key > Type: power > Select “Power Options” > Select “High performance”)


  • Set NVIDIA power management to “prefer maximum performance” as outlined here.


  • Get the latest drivers from NVIDIA or AMD.


  • Set your default audio playback device to HTC-VIVE-0.


  • Make sure you are running Steam as an administrator.



Controller not connected

  • Make sure the controller is charged and on. Turn on the controller by pressing the system button (lowest button on the controller).


  • Charge controllers by plugging them into an outlet with the included micro-USB cord and power adapter. While plugged in, orange indicates charging. While plugged in, the LED color when fully charged is different depending on if the controller is on:


Green = fully charged and on


White = fully charged and off


  • If the light is solid blue, it is not successfully connecting. Re-pair your controllers by going to SteamVR > Devices > Pair Controller


  • If the light is solid red and your controller is not responsive, you will need to reset your controller.


  • Hold down the trigger, menu button, trackpad button, and grip buttons on the controller (everything except the system button).


  • While holding the buttons, plug your controller into your computer with a micro USB cord.


  • Wait for five seconds and release the buttons. Ignore the new storage device that appears and unplug the micro USB cord to reset.


  • Your controller should function normally now.



Controller Trackpad Issues

If your controller’s trackpad is twitchy and/or oversensitive, it needs to be calibrated.


  • Make sure you have the latest Controller firmware. You can check by going to SteamVR > Devices > Update Firmware.


  • Turn off the controller (Hold down the System button).


  • While holding the Trigger and the Grip button, press the system button.


  • The controller should turn on, and make a different noise than the standard power on noise.



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