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Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings


Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul draws players into a richly detailed world that blends the historical grandeur of the 17th-century Ottoman Empire with the allure of an immersive fantasy adventure. As a Venetian navigating through a maze of intricate relationships and historical quests, you’ll find yourself face to face with the mysteries of the Fîtrat Realm, a dimension where destiny and creation intertwine. Your character’s fate is in your hands, shaped by every decision you make, every skill you acquire, and every path you choose to follow.


To steer your character through the intricate narrative, it is essential to have a good grasp of the controls so we put together this comprehensive guide detailing the PC keyboard controls & Xbox controller bindings for Compass of the Destiny: Istanbul.



Keyboard and Xbox Controller Bindings




Move WASD Left Stick
Camera Right Mouse Button Right Stick
Walk ALT
Camera Distance Mouse Wheel  Right Stick
Light Attack Left Mouse Button RT
Heavy Attack Left Mouse Button (Hold) RT (Hold)
Interact F X
Compass C Right Stick (Push)
Inventory I D-Pad Up
Map M D-Pad Down
Combat Mode R Y
Pause ESC View Button
Previous Weapon Q LB
Next Weapon E RB
Skill 1 1
Skill 2 2
Skill 3 3
Skill 4 4
Quick Use 2 5
Quick Use 3 6
Quick Use 4 7
Quick Use 5 8
Torch L
Quick Map CAPS


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