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WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Class Picking Guide – How to Pick Your Main Class for PvE

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic: Class Picking Guide - How to Pick Your Main Class for PvE

The new Death Knight class isn’t the only highlight of the WoW: WotLK Classic expansion. There is also Northrend which opens up 11 new and challenging zones for you to explore. Choosing the right PvE character is crucial if you want to reach the end game content and this guide is your first stepping stone towards that journey.



WoW: WotLK Classic Class Tierlist

PvE (Based on DPS)

Tier Class
S Fury Warrior, Combat Rogue, Fire Mage, Affliction Warlock, Retribution Paladin.
A Marksmanship Hunter, Shadow Priest, Unholy DK, Arcane Mage, Balance Druid.
B Demonology Warlock, Feral Druid, Frost DK.
C Survival Hunter, Arms Warrior, Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman, Destruction Warlock.
D Frost Mage, Assassination Rogue, Beast Mastery Hunter.



Class Specialities and Quirks

Class Builds Quirks
Warlock Affliction (DPS) Summoning, Teleport, AOE Fear, Enslave Demon, Doomguard, Inferno, Buffed Shadowfury, Enslaved Demon, Healthstones, Soulstone, and Weapon synergy with Firestone and Spellstone.
Demonology (DPS)
Death Knight Blood (Tank) Runeforging, Water Walking and Faster Mount.
Frost (DPS)
Unholy (DPS)
Warrior Fury Warrior (DPS) Two-handed weapons, Shattering Throw (Breaks Ice Block), Disarm, Shockwave (AOE Stun), Spell Reflection, Ranged Pull, Charge inside combat, Intervene, Strong Defense, AOE Slow and Vigilance.
Protection Warrior (Tank)
Druid Balance Druid (DPS) Three Charges for Nature Grasp, Always have access to Stealth, Aquatic Form and Cat Sprint.
Feral Druid (DPS)
Feral Druid (Tank)
Restoration Druid (Healer)
Mage Arcane Mage (DPS) Access to portals and free food, Invisibility, Slowfall for better mobility, and Spellsteal.
Fire Mage (DPS)
Hunter Marksmanship Hunter (DPS) Aspect of Cheetah grants Fast movement, Ability to call a pet (stabled) every 5 minutes, and Silence Shot. 
Paladin Holy Paladin (Healer) Single target taunt now available, Holy Wrath and Exorcism now works on all targets, and Sacred Shield.
Protection Paladin (Tank)
Retribution Paladin (DPS)
Priest Discipline Priest (Healer) Fear Ward, Hymn of Hope Mana Regen, Power Infusion, and Mass Dispel. 
Holy Priest (Healer)
Shadow Priest (DPS)
Shaman Elemental Shaman (DPS) Can use Bloodlust in Arena, remove curses, Cleansing Totems & can summon four totems at once, Earthliving weapons, and thunderstorm.
Enhancement Shaman (DPS)
Restoration Shaman (Healer)



Race Guide for WoW: WotLK PvE

Affliction Warlock

  • Best Races for Horde – The best races are Orc, Undead, and Blood Elf which offer several racial perks, buffing the overall DPS and mana gen of the Warlocks. In terms of DPS, Affliction Warlock is the best so far. 

  • Best Races for Alliance – Humans, and Gnomes are the best choices for Warlocks in the Alliance.

  • Best Professions – You’d want to focus on Engineering, Mining to boost your leveling. Once they are maxed out, focus on Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Herbalism, Skinning, Enchanting, and Tailoring.



Death Knight

  • Best Races for Horde – Blood Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, and even the Undead can become powerful DKs. Each race offers both offensive (Blood Fury) and defensive (Regeneration) racial perks that let you spec your DK in any way you see fit.


  • Best Races for Alliance – Alliance races such as Draenei, Dwarf, Gnomes, Human, and Night Elf have several defensive abilities such as Gift of the Naaru or Stoneform that are perfect for tanks.


  • Best Professions – Maxing out Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Herbalism, and Enchanting will grant several advantages along the way. Death Knights excel both at tanking and dealing damage. It’s by far the best class to play in the new expansion and is a must-have for any raiding party.


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  • Best Races for Horde – Due to the Axe Specialization racial passive, the Orc is by far the best-recommended race for Warriors. Although Taurens, Trolls, and the Undead are all viable races, none of them can match Orcs’ sheer DPS.


  • Best Races for Alliance – Humans and Dwarves are the Alliance’s two recommended races for Warrior. The rest are mostly spell-based and lack the physical abilities of a true Warrior.


  • Best Professions – As a Warrior, the best professions are Engineering and Jewelcrafting. You can focus on Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Inscription, Enchanting, Leatherworking, Alchemy, and Skinning once the first two are maxed out.




  • Best Races for Horde – Trolls make great Balance Druids with Taurens being the second-best pick because of their Bull Rush to racial. However, Trolls are auto-included in any 10-man raiding group because they have the Berserking racial trait that increases haste.


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  • Best Races for Alliance – Worgen, Night Elf and Kul’Tiran are the best Druid races in the Alliance. Elves have increased damage and Worgens have additional movement speed.


  • Best Professions – Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking are the best followed by Engineering Enchanting/Mining if you’re a tank. If you’re DPS or a Balanced Druid, max out Engineering before focusing on Alchemy, Jewelcrafting and Tailoring.




  • Best Races for Horde – Troll, Blood Elf, and Undead are best suited to become mages. Elves have bonus mana regen, Trolls have increased spellcasting speed and the Undead negates charm, fear, and sleep effects.


  • Best Races for Alliance – Gnomes have a higher level of intelligence, so you get more mana and crit right away. Everyone within 30 yards of Draenei gets a bonus to their spell hit chance. Humans, on the other hand, may be the best choice due to their bonus Spirit and movement-impairing racial passives.


  • Best Professions – As a mage, you should focus on Tailoring and Engineering first. You can focus on Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, Inscription, Enchanting, Skinning, or Leatherworking after you’ve maxed them out based on your needs.




  • Best Races for Horde – You can pick any race for the Hunter class, but as far as pure DPS is concerned, Troll, Orc, and Blood Elf are the best picks.


  • Best Races for Alliance – In the case of Alliance Void Elf, Mechagnome and Dark Iron Dwarf are the best at pushing a DPS Marksmanship hunter. 


  • Best Professions – Prioritize maxing out Engineering, Skinning, Jewelcrafting and Alchemy before moving to a different one. 




  • Best Races for Horde – Blood Elf is the only race that can become a Paladin in the WotLK expansion.


  • Best Races for Alliance – Although Draenei and Humans are suitable to become Paladins, Dwarves are the best option. They have both single target and AoE damage abilities and can heal themselves and their allies quite effectively.


  • Best Professions – Max out Mining and Engineering before focusing on Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Alchemy, leatherworking, and Blacksmithing for some extra gold income.


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  • Best Races for Horde – The Undead, Blood Elf, and Troll are the races best suited to become Priests.


  • Best Races for Alliance – Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, and Draeneis are the preferred choices for the Shadow Priest role in the Alliance.


  • Best Professions – As a Priest focus on Engineering, Mining and Jewelcrafting before switching to Alchemy, Enchanting and Tailoring.




  • Best Races for Horde – Trolls and Taurens make great Shamans, but Orcs are probably the best among the group thanks to the Blood Fury racial.


  • Best Races for Alliance The Draeneis are the Alliance’s only Shaman-compatible race. Heroic Presence and Gift of the Naaru are two of their most powerful PvE racials.


  • Best Professions – If you want to level up quickly, Engineering, Mining, and Jewelcrafting should be your top priorities. You can switch to Enchanting, Skinning and Tailoring once you’re done with the first three.


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