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The BEST 10 Man Raid Comp in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic

The BEST 10 Man Raid Comp in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic will be released soon, but it will lack two features that WoW fans have come to expect. Blizzard is scrapping the automated dungeon finder system and the markers that guide players throughout the quests. They also introduced many changes to how buffs work in raids, making them more accessible to other classes and giving rise to new raid comps which you’ll find in this guide. 


For instance, in the Burning Crusade expansion, only Shadow Priests could provide the mana replenishment buff. However, in WotLK Classic, Retribution Paladin, Survival Hunter, Destruction Warlocks, and Frost Mages have also obtained the mana replenishment skill. Raiding parties are not the same as before so let’s begin with the group breakdown.


  • A 10-man raid group is typically made up of two tanks, two healers, and six DPS players.


  • You can visit the Wrath Raid Comp website to determine precisely which buffs and debuffs you are bringing to the raid.



The BEST 10 Man Raid Comp in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Class Job Reason
Discipline Priest  Healer
  • Discipline Priest received several buffs in the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion, making them the ideal healer in top-tier raids. 
  • They bring the Rapture talent to the battlefield, which provides a bunch of resources (mana, rage, energy, and runic power) once a player absorbs Power Word Shield.
Restoration Shaman  Healer
  • Heroism/Bloodlust, which increases melee, ranged, and spellcasting speed by 30%, is a key contribution of Shamans. 
  • The Wrath of Air Totem is a Shaman-only spell that boosts your squad’s casting speed even more.
  • A Shaman also grants a bonus to mana restoration, which is extremely useful in a raid group with a lot of casters.
Arcane Mage  Caster/DPS
  • Arcane mages are outstanding at dealing damage and buffing the raiding party’s DPS.
  • They do not have the raw power of a Fire Mage, but the buffs they bring into battle are invaluable.
Balance Druid  Caster/DPS
  • Balance Druid offers defensive (Mark of the Wild) and offensive (Ferocious Inspiration) abilities.
  • You get a bonus to spell casting speed, increased crit chance & hit chance to both magical and melee attacks, and even more bonus damage.
Demonology Warlock Caster/DPS
  • Although Affliction Warlocks deal more damage, Demonology Warlocks have several talents and spells that buff the entire raiding party.
  • Demonic Pact increases the spell power of everyone in the raid by 10% of the Warlock’s damage.
  • They also offer bonus spell crit chance, boost damage, and apply armor and attack power debuff to the enemy.
Protection Paladin Tank
  • There are several bonuses that only a Paladin can provide, making them an invaluable tank in raids. Greater Blessing of Kings grants a 10% stat increase to the entire raiding party. Similarly, Judgment of Wisdom/Light returns mana and health to the attacker with each strike.
  • They also provide damage reduction abilities such as Divine Guardian and Greater Blessing of Sanctuary.
  • Paladins also increase attack power, grant mana restoration, and bonus attack speed.
Blood/Frost Death Knight  Tank
  • Death Knights are solo tanks which means they do not offer any defensive bonuses to the raiding party. All tank-based survival abilities only affect the Knight. However, they massively increase the overall DPS of the entire group.
  • Abominations Might increase the party’s attack power by 10%, while Improved Icy Talons increase melee haste by 20%.
  • DKs can also reduce the enemy’s attack speed by 20%.
Fury Warrior  Melee/DPS
  • Fury Warrior is a must-have in raiding parties due to their superior damaging abilities.
  • Battle Stout increases attack power, while Rampage increases the melee critical hit chance.
  • Warriors also provide a decent health boost to the entire party, as well as several debuffs that reduce the enemy’s armor, attack speed, and attack power.
Combat Rogue Melee/DPS
  • Combat Rogue is here only to deal more damage. They provide no raid buffs, and their skills are solely focused on increasing DPS while making the enemy more vulnerable to physical attacks.
  • Tricks of the Trade increases a Rogue’s damage by 15%, and Savage Combat increases an enemy’s damage taken by 4%.
Marksman/Survival Hunter Melee/DPS
  • Some raiding parties struggle in the beginning due to the lack of a proper mana supply. Hunting Party replenishes a party member’s 1% maximum mana every 5 seconds. The boost also works on up to 10 party members.
  • Later in the game, when mana doesn’t become an issue, replace the Survival Hunter with a Marksman for some much-needed damage.


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