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Teamfight Manager – Glossary

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ADC – A long-range damage dealer that focuses on dealing damage with basic attacks. Usually have little or no team utility. An abbreviation of Attack Damage Carry, a MOBA term.


AoE – Area of effect, i.e. attacks which hit multiple targets at once.


Assassin – A champion who tries to bypass the frontline in order to kill backline champions. Usually have high damage output and low survivability, which they make up for by killing everything that’s trying to kill them.


Backline – A team’s ranged contingent, whether they be ADCs, mages, healers, or anything else that wants to be protected to fight from a distance.


Bruiser – Interchangeable with fighter, warrior, etc., a melee champion who both soaks damage and deals it, but neither as effectively as a champion dedicated to one role.


CC – Crowd Control, i.e. an ability which stops an enemy from acting.


Frontline – Melee champions who move to the front during a fight. The nature of melee champions means they’re going to be soaking damage before your backline is (unless the enemy team is primarily comprised of assassins, anyway).


Comps – Compositions, i.e. groups of champions that create a strategy when chosen together.


Dive – The act of rapidly approaching an enemy backline, ignoring their frontline. This is the hallmark of assassins, and is usually a one-way trip, leaving the diver to deal as much damage as they can before they’re shut down by the inevitable respawns.


Lifesteal – An effect that heals a champion as they deal damage, usually from basic attacks. The healing is usually based on the damage dealt.


Peel – Forcing an enemy champion to disengage from attacking one of your champions. For example, if Knight taunts a Ninja attacking your Priestess, he has peeled for her.


Pick/Ban – A very high priority, usually meta-defining champion; If you’ve got first pick on the draft, don’t ban it; the opponent will either use one of their own bans or let you take it in the first pick. If you’re the second pick, always ban it, because the risk of the opponent getting it is too high. Swordsman is a great example of this at the start of the game.


Release X – This refers to a champion as they are when they’re first introduced into the game; for example, ‘Release Swordsman is very strong’.


Squishy – Champions with low defenses, easily killed if subjected to damage.


Tank – Champions with good defensive abilities and stats, but little or no offensive capability. Their role is simply to soak damage while their team dishes it out.


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