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Teamfight Manager – Recruitment Guide

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There are five tiers of recruitment, and each has a specific purpose; having said that, three of them become obsolete pretty quickly.



1. Local Talent

This option is fast, cheap, and generally worthless except right at the beginning of the game. It’ll find low-grade players who can do well in the amateur league but are outclassed everywhere else. Recruit a couple of these when you start your playthrough, then avoid like the plague.



2. Scout Dispatch

Still fast, cheap, and generally worthless, but better than Local Talent. It’ll give you players with decent enough stats to compete in the Semi-Pro League but still get outclassed everywhere else. If you’re good enough at drafting, you can probably avoid this one in favor of option #3.



3. Rising Star

Here’s where things get a little more interesting. The players recruited through this method are about the same, skill-wise, like those recruited through option #2 – but they’re younger. This gives them better stat increases from training and a longer period to train before they start to get old and slow. As a general rule, it seems to take 2-3 seasons of training before these guys can compete in the top league, and they’re unlikely ever to excel – but they will be effective for longer than option #4 players will.



4. Veteran

These players come to you already solid – they’ve got the skills to compete in the top division and usually some pretty good experience on champions too. On the other hand, they won’t ever excel, and due to being fairly old, they’ll very quickly reach the point where training won’t improve their skills (and instead just slow their decline). If you get promoted back-to-back, you’ll need to recruit a few of these to hold the line since your option #3 players won’t be good enough yet. Note that as they’re well-established career players, they’re pretty pricey to recruit.



5. Super Rookie

These guys make option #3 players obsolete, as they’re the same but better in every way. They start at higher skill levels, and they come even younger – allowing them to learn faster and learn longer. Once you hit the top division (and can afford to do so), you’ll want to recruit at least four of these guys to sit on your benches for a few years; eventually, they’ll be able to compete with the other players in your league, while still having room for more growth. Long-term, they’ll become the best players the world has ever seen – you just have to get them there.


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