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Teamfight Manager – Sponsors

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A very brief guide to talking quickly about sponsors – specifically, to talk about what to avoid. Unless you’re completely outclassing your league, always try to avoid any sponsor that asks you to maintain massive win streaks or get >650 kills in a season – frankly, these things are difficult and at times beyond your control, and you don’t want one unfortunate loss or a meta shift towards low-kill games to cost you a lot of money. Instead, prioritize sponsors who:


  • Ask you to run specific champions. Often these champions are viable anyway, so you can get your sponsorship money for doing very little. Even when they aren’t, they track individual picks, so they’re easy to complete – if you win the first game in a match, pick all of the champions your sponsor wants in the second game. If you lose, you can pick up the win in the third game by playing normally – and either way, you get at least three picks towards your sponsor’s goal.


  • Ask you to avoid dying <650 times. This is a lot easier than picking up huge kill numbers, and frankly, even in a bad season, I’ve never had more than 650 deaths. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll probably die ~20-25 times in most losses and ~10-15 times in most wins, so use that to estimate how often you’ll probably die based on your strength in the league.


  • Avoid loss-streaks. This is riskier than the other two and should usually be a last resort, but it’s a lot more within your control than the other options are – you can have a winstreak broken by one unlucky match, whereas a long loss streak requires… well, several unlucky matches.


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