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Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories – Gear and Equipment

Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories - Gear and Equipment


You have Primary and Secondary weapons, which are Configured in the Briefing menu. To switch between weapons, use 1 and 2. Depending on the selected weapon, you can switch between different firing modes: single, burst, and auto by pressing B.


The melee attack is performed by pressing V.


Additionally, you can use the flashlight by pressing T or issuing the relevant command to the Officers.


To lean to a side with a weapon equipped, use Q and E.



Special Equipment

Special equipment includes a variety of tools and gadgets that provide additional functions for a tactical advantage. However, to do so either by manual deployment or issuing of relevant commands to Officers during a mission, you need to configure them in the Briefing menu before you begin the mission. Choose the equipment that you consider the most appropriate as the number of slots is limited.




Different types of weapons can have a list of additional attachments like scopes, the flashlight, the laser, compensators, etc. These attachments could be added in the Equipment tab of the Briefing menu by clicking on the gear symbol to the left of the weapon.




There are several types of grenades: sting, gas and flash. Each grenade type can be equipped in the Briefing menu. To use grenades, you can issue the Deploy command or press G button. The certain type of additional equipment can be selected from the menu by holding the G button.



Tablet and Sniper

During the mission, additional information can be obtained by using the Tablet. This gadget allows you to look at the feed from the Officers’ helmet cameras and the Sniper view. The Sniper automatically reports Suspect activity and movement to the Player. Additionally, you can order the Sniper to fire his rifle at a target.


To equip the Tablet, press 5. In addition, you can use the throwable Camera. This type of equipment can be thrown into a room and its feed monitored through the Tablet as well.




You have the ability to remove the impeding effect sustained from an injury by using the adrenaline Injector (first aid kit). This item can be selected from the special equipment slot and used by any Officer.


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