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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Stuttering or Random FPS Drops

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Stuttering or Random FPS Drops

Even the console players are experiencing stuttering and FPS drops let alone PC players. Unless EA launched an official patch, you can try to resolve this annoying problem by making sure that your HDDs are in good condition. If you can, try to install the game in an SSD which will speed up the background loading of the game thus improving the framerate of the game.


If your computer is running a lot of programs in the background, chances are that your CPU and memory is having a hard time allocating enough resources at all time to the game which is causing frames to drop at random positions. Before running the game, ensure that all extra software and programs are shut down to ensure that maximum resources are available for the game to run.


Nvidia players can head to Nvidia Control Panel and change the mode for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance as well. In the GTX 10 series, this can be done by setting the Vertical Sync to Fast however you must disable the in-game V-Sync to make it work properly. Also, the game must be running in full screen.


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