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ScourgeBringer Cheats

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Full list of all 20 ScourgeBringer achievements.


First blood

Clear your first fight



The Gift of Blood

Pick your first Gift of Blood




Make the world cucumber-free




Fully explore a Realm



Floor is lava

Clear a room without touching the ground



The Entangled Ingress

Beat the Judge of The Entangled Ingress




Fully unlock a branch of the skill tree




Beat an enemy by throwing back a bullet at it with the Smash




Build an x2 combo




Fully unlock two branches of the skill tree




Get all items from Greed



The Still Bastion

Beat the Judge of The Still Bastion



Young oak

Fully unlock three branches of the skill tree




Stun an enemy by throwing another enemy on it with the Smash



Strong oak

Fully unlock four branches of the skill tree



The Wasted Pit

Beat the Judge of The Wasted Pit




Max out your HP to 20



The way of the ninja

Beat a Judge without getting hit



Ultra combo

Build an x3 combo with the Ultra Combo Altar



The way of the warrior

Complete a Realm without getting hit


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