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Mr. Prepper Cheats

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The following are all the Mr. Prepper achievements and how you can unlock them:


The path of Mr. Prepper

Just start the game



Nap during the day


Are you a Chef or a Prepper?! Looks tasty though…

Use the stove for the first time


It was obvious from the beginning

Finish the tutorial


One wolf, eight wolves, what’s the difference? (Little Prepped Riding Hood)

Kill some wolves


Fair trial

Get arrested


It’s just a start!

Get to day 15


First tool

Craft pickaxe


You’re really a prepper, arent you?

Finish the silo


The Way of Plant Eater

Don’t eat any meat for 7 days


Novice Prepper

Survive 1 month


Looks nice, doesn’t it?

Upgrade a room


Hard worker

Nap 3 times on 1 day


Car mechanic

Fix the car in the dumpster


The Cook

Cook 50 dishes


Government Property

Keep your house unchanged for 7 days


If i were a rich man

Have 1000 coins in your pocket


Kung fu fighter

Kill wolf with your fists


The Builder

Read Builder book



Loot 25 boxes in locations


The Tinkerer

Read Petrolhead skill book


Vampire hunter

Kill 60 bats


Healthy food, here I come!

Read Healthy Eating book


Master and Apprentice

Max trust level with Jenny


Intermediate Prepper

Survive 2 months


Arm wrestling expert

Max level StrengthTraining


Comics and Mines Club

Max trust level with Bob


The Hunter

Trap an animal 50 times


I don’t need help!

Max level DIY


I am the Walrus

Read Walrus skill book



Build more than 7 rooms in the bunker


The Agricultural expert

Max level Gardening



Use 50 fuel on mining machines


The Negotiator

Max level Negotiating


Prepper 101

Read Prepper’s Guide


Wolf slayer

Kill 100 wolfs


No time to sleep

Read NoSleep skill book


The Way of Meat Eater

Eat only meat for 7 days


Home decorator

Have all lamp colors at the same time


Karate Prepper

Max level Martial Arts



Use 6 amo in 3 seconds with revolver



Get a drug to counter the night


Chupacabra approved

Max trust level with Joe



Read all the skills books



Survive 7 days on blueberries only


Rocket man

Build a Rocket


Face the past

Reach Fort Observer


No time to waste Prepping!

Do not nap for 7 days


Best penpal

Max trust level with Minutman



Cook 200 dishes


Old McDonald had a farm…

Build 5 greenhouses


Advanced Prepper

Survive 4 months


Zero Deaths

Complete the game without fainting


Popular kid

Maximum level of trust with all sellers



Finish game in 30 days


Counting Stars

Collect all names in the credits


The Orginal Prepper

Survive 1 year


Everything is bob

Inspect every plant in the game



Do not run for 7 days


Perfect Ending

Get full ending


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