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Rule the Waves 3: How to Blockade a Nation

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Blockading is a strategic move that prevents another nation’s ships from moving out of their home port. Raiders are an exception as they can move, but risk being intercepted by the blockading nation. Blockading also earns you extra Victory Points (VP) each month and increases the risk of unrest in the blockaded nation, potentially leading to revolution and defeat.


Your naval strength in the enemy’s build area must be at least 110% of the enemy’s naval strength to initiate a blockade. Naval strength is determined by the sum of all ships in the area, weighted by type. Certain nations have adjustments to their blockade strengths due to their geographic position or dominance in trade and finance. For instance, Britain has a blockade strength multiplier of 1.2, while Russia has a multiplier of 0.7.


The Baltic Sea is a unique case for blockading. If you’re blockading Russia, you can initiate the blockade from Northern Europe, reflecting Russia’s geographic position.


To confirm the strength of your forces, hover your mouse pointer over an area on the strategic map. The total strength value in parentheses indicates whether a blockade can be initiated. Remember, these values are shown before movement. Ships may move during the turn and the blockade is only confirmed after any movements and battles have been resolved.


Once your naval strength exceeds 110% of your enemy’s, you can initiate the blockade. The blockaded nation won’t be able to move ships out of its build area, with the exception of raiders, which risk being intercepted during their escape attempt through the blockade.


After successfully initiating the blockade, you need to maintain your naval strength to ensure the blockade’s continuation. This will earn you extra Victory Points each month and increase unrest within the blockaded nation.


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