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Psychonauts 2 – How to Skip Intro Videos & Cutscenes

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How to Skip Intro Videos & Cutscenes

There are a lot of cutscenes in Psychonauts 2. Some players seem uncomfortable with this and are looking for a way out of these cutscenes. If you are one of these players, you can get rid of cutscenes permanently by following the steps in the guide below. Keep in mind that tho this method is only available for PC Players. Although removing cutscenes helps you to complete the game faster, it may detract from your overall gaming experience. And that’s because Psychonauts 2 is known for its cinematic storytelling.


  • Go to the following location;



  • Delete this directory’s folders. All cutscenes in the game will be removed as a result of this.


  • Delete or rename all DF20 *.mp4 and P2UnrealLogo *.mp4 files if you simply want to remove the intro movie.



  • A game update will likely restore the files.


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