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Psychonauts 2 – How to Increase Rank – Tips & Tricks


Climbing up the ranks in Psychonauts 2 is all about how fast you’re raking in those Trainee Credits… To hit the top-tier Rank of 102 you’ve gotta be on your A-game scooping up every last collectible as you zip through each new area.


  • Figments for the Win: These little doodads are everywhere & grabbing ’em fills up your meter… Once it’s chock-full boom you snag an Intern Credit. Sure it’s just a drop in the bucket but every little bit helps??


  • Treasure Hunter Mode: The real deal in rank-boosting is to hunt down all the hidden goodies… You’ve gotta poke around every corner peek behind every curtain… It’s a must-do for the serious rank-climbers.


  • Collectibles Galore: We’re talking Figments PSI Challenge Markers Nuggets of Wisdom & Emotional Baggage… Keep an eye out for NPCs crowned with a golden symbol – they’ll dish out those Nuggets of Wisdom that are rare but oh so worth it.


  • Psi Cards & Cores Combo: Hit up the Otto-Matic shop & mix up Psi Challenge Cards with a Psi Core… Those Challenge Cards are lying around just waiting to be found… Stitch together nine of these with a core & you’ve got yourself an Intern Credit.


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