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Psychonauts 2 – How to Fix No Sound Issue

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Got game audio issues, like it’s gone or you’re hearing bits but not in cutscenes or other parts? Could be your audio driver’s out of whack – maybe misconfigured or just outdated… Give your audio driver an update & if that’s a no-go, switch off Windows Sonic for Headphones, works wonders for lots of gamers.


Check your sound settings in Control Panel too, make sure it’s all set up tight. Sometimes those audio settings are all over the place & that’s why you’re missing out on the full sound experience??


Sound mixers in Windows let you tweak sound levels for different apps & not just the whole system’s audio… Maybe you dialed down Psychonauts 2’s volume by mistake & that’s why you can’t hear a thing. Here’s the lowdown on making sure your sound mixer is spot on for Psychonauts 2:


  • Fire up Psychonauts 2 as admin & have something else running too.


  • In-game, alt-tab out to desktop (or Windows + D).


  • Right-click the sound icon & hit Open Volume Mixer…


  • Make sure Psychonauts 2’s volume is cranked to the max. Save that, alt-tab back into the game & see if it’s all good now.


Also, grab the latest sound drivers from your manufacturer’s website, here’s where you can look:







Tweaking your audio control panel & updating your drivers should get you back in the game sound-wise, no sweat.


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