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Persona 5 Strikers Cheats

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How to Get the Best Weapons

Weapon Used By Stats How to Get
P.L Replica Joker 300 ATK Complete the Knocking on Death’s door request where you have to defeat Reaper in Okinawa Jail
Mjolnir Replica Skull 302 ATK Complete the Painful Past: Akira Konoe request where you have to defeat Osaka Jail King in Osaka Jail
C.S Replica Mona 296 ATK Complete the Halt the Strutting Little Imp, where you have to defeat the Black Frost in Shibuya’s Jail
Abyssal Whip Replica Panther 290 ATK Complete the Painful Past: Alice Hiiragi request, where you have to defeat Shibuya Jail King in Shibuya Jail
Thin Edge Replica Fox 304 ATK Complete the Painful Past: Ango Nastune request, where you have to defeat Sendai Jail King in Sendai Jail
Vajra Replica Queen 300 ATK Complete the Angel of Contracts Descends request where you have to defeat Metatron in Tree of Life and Wisdom
F.M Replica Noir 308 ATK Complete the Painful Past: Mariko Hyodo requires, where you have to defeat the Sapporo Jail King
Forbidden Fruit Sophie 292 ATK Complete the Painful Past: Demiurge request where you have to defeat Demiurge in Tree of Life and Wisdom
Gram Wolf 306 ATK Complete The Writhing Nightmare Rising where you have to defeat Mara in Okinawa Jail.


Unlimited Sendai Fortunes

In the 2nd Jail city, Sendai, you’ll come across both next to the shrine in Mt. Aoba Park where you can buy fortunes for 100 yen per draw. These fortunes can give you BOND experience points in varying capacities. However, it only gives you a fortune per day.


Except it doesn’t.

You can have unlimited draws to increase your BOND skills as much as you want/are willing to do this repeatedly. It’s a grindy method, but it’s free real estate within the game’s mechanics.


Step 1: Make sure you have unlocked all free roam locations in Sendai (Mt. Aoba Park, Sendai Station, and the Arcade).


Step 2: Do this on a day where you aren’t restricted by dialogue or mission locks preventing you from exploring like Morgana telling you to go to the objective or whatever.


Step 3: Visit the fortune booth next to the shrine entrance in Mt. Aoba Park. It’s right between the cardboard photo-op stand and the vending machines in the upper-most part of the map.


Step 4: Draw a fortune for 100 yen. Fortunes vary from three different types.

Great Blessing = Large (About 20% BOND exp)

Blessing = Small (About 10% BOND exp)

Cursed = None


Step 5: After drawing a fortune, exit the area via the quick travel feature on your phone’s map. Either the station or the arcade is fine.


Step 6: As soon as you load into the selected area, immediately quick travel back to the park.


Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6.



Cooking Recipe Locations

Gyutan: Sendai — Gyutan Shop (Sendai Station, east of the Mt. Aoba Park entrance)


Salmon Bowl: Sendai — Cafe Blue (Southwest of the RV parking spot)


Seafood Bowl: Sapporo — Seafood Bowl Shop (East end of North Suzushino)


Miso Ramen: Sapporo — Ramen Alley (Along the eastern road in the Suzushino area)


Jingusikan: 11th August, talk to Ann


Kyoto Curry: Story progression on 14th August


Goat Soup: Okinawa — Fukuhara Bento store


Okinawa Soba: Okinawa — The drink stand in the Beach area


Goya Chanpuru: Okinawa — Talk to Futaba after finishing the Jail on 18th August


Crab Hot Pot: Osaka — Dotonbori Crab Restaurant


Osaka Sushi: Osaka — Sushi restaurant to the far west of the Dotonbori shopping street


Okonomiyaka: Osaka — Okonomiyaki shop in Shinsekai


Kushikatsu: Osaka — Talk to Yusuke in Shinsekai on 24th August before entering the Jail


Obanzai: Osaka — Follow the “Cooking Papa” Request, and do all related Requests


Churrasco: Reward from the “Employee Course Correction” Request


Master Curry: Post-game — Reward from the “A Thief’s Special Challenge” Request


Master Coffee: Post-game — Reward from the Request to find the hidden Desire in the final dungeon


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