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Persona 5 Strikers Nintendo Switch Cheats

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All Intel Locations



Where to Find

Level Headed Girl Shibuya Jail In Shibuya Jail, go to Shibuya Central where you will find this gild right in between Haru Okumura and Ann Takamaki
Dedicated Woman Shibuya Jail In the same Shibuyan Central of the Shibuya Jail, go to the Big Band Restaurant where you will find this woman
Passionate Young Man Shibuya Jail Right across where you found the Level Headed Girl
Apparel Shop Manager Shibuya Jail In the Central Street of this jail, go to the newly opened shop next to the Beef Bowl Restaurant
Brunette Young Man and Young Man with Hat Shibuya Jail Head towards the Untouchable Ship and you will find this Intel
Beautiful Girl Sendai Jail This girl will be near the Sendai Station, where you will find her besides Joker and Makoto Niijima
Skeptical Girl Sendai Jail Go to Arcade City and you will find this girl next to Ann Takamaki
General Store Owner Sendai Jail From the last location of the girl, head across towards the General Store
Fan Girl Sendai Jail Go north of this region until you reach the Neon Supermarket. The girl will be outside wearing a school uniform
Hollow Eyed Man Sapporo Jail In the south region of Sapporo Jail, go to the place where you can find Ann. The man will be nearby wearing a black suit
Political Expert Sapporo Jail Go to Ryuji’s spot on the east side of this region, where you will find this man next to a vending a machine
Slant Eyed Woman Sapporo Jail On the same east part of this region, the woman will be next to some cycles
Bad Public Servant Sapporo Jail Go the west part and head towards the Akagire Drug Store, where you will find this man wearing a suit.
Abandoned Laboratory Okinawa Jail Go northeast in this region towards Zenkichi just outside the lab
Tsutenkaku Tower Osaka Jail Go to the Shinsekia District on the north side of this place and then head towards the tower


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