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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings Guide

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PC Controls / Keyboard Shortcuts

All of the key bindings used in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are listed in the guide below. Whether you’re on the main menu or in-game, you can change your control options. Select the Controls option from the settings menu (hit ESC while in-game).




Highlight Objects TAB
Mute Music ALT + SHIFT + M
Mute Sound ALT + M
Character C
Inventory I
Journal J
Map  M
Camp  R
Spells  B
Inspect  Y / INSERT
Tactical Time Flow  SHIFT+ SPACE / V
Quick Load F8
Quick Save  F5
Screenshot  F11
Stop G
Hold Position H
Move Camera Up W / Up Arrow
Move Camera Down S / Down Arrow
Move Camera Left A / Left Arrow
Move Camera Right D / Right Arrow
Rotate Camera Left Q
Rotate Camera Right E
Rotate Camera to Default Position F1
Follow the Character w/ the Camera F
Turn-based Mode T / CTRL + SPACE
Switch Turn Actions n/a
Use F-ft move while in Turn-based Mode SHIFT
Skip a cue in a Cutscene SPACE
Skip Cutscene RETURN
Open Modifications Window CTRL + M



Select Character 1 ALT + 1
Select Character 2 ALT + 2
Select Character 3 ALT + 3
Select Character 4 ALT + 4
Select Character 5 ALT + 5
Select Character 6 ALT + 6
Select All Characters BACKSPACE / CTRL + A



Dialogue Choice 1 1
Dialogue Choice 2 2
Dialogue Choice 3 3
Dialogue Choice 4 4
Dialogue Choice 5 5
Dialogue Choice 6 6
Dialogue Choice 7  7
Dialogue Choice 8  8
Dialogue Choice 9  9
Dialogue Choice 0 0
Continue / End Dialogue SPACE


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